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METU Physics Society

Our society offers a forum for up-to-date scientific research and hot developments in physics from all over the world in a language that everyone can understand.

Latest Past Events

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Periodically organized events by us



We organize seminars almost every week during the term.

Epsilon-delta competition

With our Epsilon-Delta competition, where physics students and teachers compete together or face to face, we strive to offer both students and teachers a fun time to spend together.


As of 2019, our physics workshops, which we have started for the first time and are continuing, consist of seminars of our professors from different fields of physics, panels, and laboratory trips.


We try to provide physics students with an opportunity to understand the methods and conditions under which various researches are carried out in our trips, which we organize with the awareness of the importance of seeing how the research is done on-site and learning.


METU Physics Society is a member of the National Association of Physics Students and is in cooperation with QTurkey and METU Science Societies.